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Suqian appliances "out of thin air" sprint National White Electric fifth pole

Source:中国家电网(北京) Number of visits: Date:2016-06-23

 (original title: Suqian appliance "out of thin air" sprint National White Electric fifth pole)

[Chinese household electrical appliance network may 14, Guangdong small household electrical appliance enterprises Weiwang group in Jiangsu Suqian investment in the construction of Jiangsu Changrun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. officially put into operation, Suqian home appliances territory again expansion.

Suqian, a known as the "King's hometown of Northern Jiangsu cities, history is not a household electrical appliance production areas, but in less than three years of time, Suqian from scratch, abruptly on North Jiangsu earth create a rapid rise of home appliances manufacturing base.


Long run electric operation of the ribbon cutting ceremony


Start empty-handed Suqian appliance "out of thin air"

Suqian is the hometown of West King Xiang Yu Chu, belongs to the cross and radiation zone of the Huaihai Economic Zone, coastal economic belt, economic belt along the Yangtze River, Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal and the wear condition and over -, Beiyi Luoma Lake, south of Hongze Lake, since ancient times, there are "North of Qilu, south of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River, ranking two water (i.e. the Yellow River and the Yangtze River) middle, choke the second Beijing (Beijing, Nanjing) throat," said. Unique geographical advantages for the development of Suqian's natural home appliance industry needs of the market and transportation.

At present, China's home appliance industry is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Shandong, Anhui and other places, although there are a lot of Jiangsu Province home appliance enterprises, but Suqian city in 2013, almost no home appliance manufacturing industry.

In recent years, Suqian City Government accurate measures and policies, vigorously implement the "industry Hing City, industrial strong city" strategy, efforts to promote the four major emerging industries (smart appliances, green building materials, functional materials, smart grid, four new industry (electronic commerce, modern logistics, health care, cultural tourism) and characteristics of the four industries (food and beverage, textile and garment, mechanical and electrical equipment, home manufacture) of "two new" industrial cluster development. Suqian Municipal government has issued "on the support white appliance production enterprises to expand the market of the minutes of the meeting", "by the open area of white home appliance industry," and other policy documents, for the development of home appliance industry in Suqian to provide a strong guarantee.

Planted under the tree, its own phoenix. Suqian support policies for the home appliance industry, coupled with favorable geographical advantages, and thus successfully attracted many home appliance enterprises in Suqian settled.

2014, Gree Electric Appliances investment 36 million yuan construction of Gree Electric Appliances Suqian Industrial Park, mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of Gree air-conditioning and pine tosot life appliances, the project after the completion of all can achieve an annual output value of 100 billion yuan, also drive the related industrial chain supporting enterprises output value over 100 million yuan.

The same year, Weiwang group also choose in Suqian construction of white electricity production base -- a long run electric, the base focused on household freezer, commercial refrigerator and commercial cold chain equipment development, production and sales is Weiwang group's white electric vanguard, with annual production of refrigerator 5 million units, household freezer 50 million units, commercial refrigerator 50 million units and commercial cold chain equipment 20 million units of capacity, the total investment reached 23 billion yuan.

Subsequently, Guangdong Yincheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd and Guangdong meiwang Electrical Co., Ltd. respectively in Suqian investment built Yincheng electric appliance, Sagitar appliances, Guangdong Zhongxing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. $2.3 billion yuan investment in the construction of the engaged in kitchen appliances research and sales the overflow of appliances, beauty Bacardi appliances, Yellow River Electronics and a number of household electrical appliance enterprises also successively settled in Suqian.

In a short span of three years, Suqian gathered a long run electrical appliances, Gree Electric appliances, Shuanglu Shangling, Dongbei electromechanical more than 20 industry backbone enterprises, the home appliance industry from scratch.

Jiang Feng, chairman of the China household electrical appliances association, to be sure of the development of Suqian household electrical appliance industry. Suqian is a long history, gathering of talents, Suqian Municipal government attach importance to the development of home appliance industry, giving a household electrical appliance enterprises strong support, attracted appliance backbone enterprises have settled in Suqian, plays an active role in the economic and social development in Suqian City, she said.

Suqian City People's government executive vice mayor, Party Deputy Secretary of the Lv Deming said Suqian initially laid the foundation of "the white goods the pentode".


Executive vice mayor of Suqian Municipal People's government, Lv Deming, deputy secretary of the party


 Rush to take intelligent express bigger and stronger home appliance industry

And other domestic appliances manufacturing base compared to Suqian home appliance industry started late, why can rapid rise in three years time, this is mainly due to Suqian grasp the trend of development of the home electrical appliance industry: intelligent.

Around the home appliance industry, Suqian to build a cohesive force to improve the industry, enterprise collaborative innovation, the regional industrial characteristics of the smart home appliances industry, and continue to extend the industrial chain, strengthening. With a number of household electrical appliance enterprises settled down, Suqian smart home appliance industry has begun to take shape, Suqian also successfully approved the smart home appliance industry in Jiangsu province base".

Last month, GREE electric appliances Suqian Industrial Park Comprehensive ground. It is understood, Suqian is DASONG life appliances third base, is also the current three base automation, information technology, intelligent degree of the highest production base, the gree of independent research and development of industrial robots, the numerical control mechanical arm, large automation line body intelligent equipment, realize the production of intelligence and intelligent products.

May 14, put into operation in the long run electric, in the factory invested modern automated production lines, the introduction of a large number of industry leading high-end production equipment, including the accuracy of 1 mm of the most advanced laser cutting machine, CNC turret punch, CNC bending machine, 4 meters X4 meters 8 Station DC foaming equipment, the most wide automatic refrigerator assembly line, and so on.

At present, Suqian's smart home appliances industry showing a good momentum of development across the development, the contribution to the economic development of Suqian continue to improve. According to the data given by the Suqian municipal government, in 2015, Suqian smart home appliance industry achieved a total output value of yuan, tax 11 million 20 thousand yuan, an increase of 196%, respectively, compared with 2014, 133%. This year 1 - April, smart home appliance industry continued strong force, a total output value of yuan, is two times the same period last year. Lv Deming said, smart appliances have become an important growth pole of economic development in Suqian under the new normal. At the same time, he hoped that the Suqian city by the open area around the smart home appliance chain, continue to increase the project bidding, and further accelerate the pace of smart appliances industry gathering.

At present, China is already the world's largest home appliance manufacturing country, according to the "China home appliances industrial 45 development guidance of, in the next five years, China will make great efforts to enter the ranks of power in the world of home appliances. To achieve by the large and strong, intelligent is a must.

Today, Suqian has a place in the layout of the entire Chinese home appliance industry. Take the express train intelligent, Suqian's home appliance industry is expected to quickly become bigger and stronger, and for China to achieve a household appliance power of vision splendid.

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