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2 billion 300 million to build a new platform of Guangdong manufacturing White King Wei into the refrigerator market

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In the macro economy is set the tone for a long time "L" trend, household electrical appliance enterprises listed harvest "cool colors" report, small brands contraction front today, capital, production is generally regarded as the "adventure" countertide move. The recently held Suqian base production ceremony Guangdong weking group, is a typical "inverse walker".

  On May 14, in Suqian national economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangdong weking group, a wholly owned investment and construction of Jiangsu Changrun electrical formally put into the opening and later at the Weiwang, Zhongwei two big brand merchants. Under the leadership of the government of Suqian Municipal Standing Committee, Suqian City People's government deputy party secretary, executive vice mayor of Lv Deming etc., Jiang Feng, chairman of the China household electrical appliances association, Guangdong weking group and Jiangsu Changrun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. chairman Liangwu and strong guest lineup, more than 600 dealers arrived at the scene, reflecting the high degree of attention of government, industry, and group of various parties.


May 14th Guangdong weking group - Jiangsu long run electric appliance Limited company officially put into operation


  Once because of the illustrious prestige Wang and history scholars held in high esteem, Liu Qiang East due to enter the public view of Suqian, now also attracted the attention of the household appliance industry, but also for the industry to make the curious, Jiangsu Changrun electrical "who", has been based on home appliance industry 26 years of Weiwang group, and now you want to a kind of bureau of cloth?

Cross industry transformation and attacking force in white electric manufacturing

  Ceremony, Weiwang group and Jiangsu Changrun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. chairman Liang Wu said that Jiangsu Changrun electrical appliance is Weiwang group after two production bases in Lianjiang, Shunde, wholly owned investment and construction of the three major production bases, but also the group across the industry new platform for all electric operation. From Suqian Luoma Lake, Guangdong low-cost Jianghe reservoir spring blend and pour in the "long run" in the ceremony, but also vividly implied behind Jiangsu Changrun electrical appliances, from the group's strong support and the earnest expectation.

Jiangsu weking group and long run electrical appliance Co., Ltd. chairman Liang Wu, pointing out the significance of production from the perspective of group strategy.


  It is reported that as enterprise specializing in the production of kitchen and small household electrical appliances, refrigeration equipment, Guangdong weking group source was founded in 1990, the Lianjiang City Yuexing Electric Appliance Fittings Factory, 2006 create independent brands to enter the domestic home appliances market, 2008 Weiwang electrical life refrigerator production base officially put into operation. 2011 with the group's refrigerator, electromagnetic stove, electric water heater to become home appliances to the countryside to win the bid. Statistics show that by the end of 2013, Weiwang electric rice cooker annual production capacity has exceeded 10 million units, refrigerators and other small household electrical appliances, generating capacity has exceeded 100 million.

  The establishment of the Jiangsu long run electric operation, by weking group overall total investment of 2 billion 300 million yuan, a total area of 1000 acres. Among them, in August 2015 a refrigerator project put into operation, and in May this year, 14, formally put into production practice, investment of 800 million yuan, covers an area of nearly 300 acres, the construction area of nearly 160000 square meters, mainly the production of household freezer, commercial freezers, commercial cold chain equipment. According to reports, a phase of the project of comprehensive postpartum, can be an annual output of 50 million Taiwan refrigerator, freezer 50 million units, household appliances 200 million units, the annual sales income of 1 billion yuan, tax more than 30 million yuan.


Kaiping machine, CNC bending machine, laser machine and other automation equipment introduction reflects the Guangdong weking group for productivity, manufacturing technology and product quality of attention.


  "I hope the industry and consumers bring Weiwang quality and innovation thought." From OEM to create its own brand, small appliances extended to white electric products, from Lianjiang City Expansion to Shunde, Suqian, not only to adopt the mode of independent production, Liangwu and led the Guangdong weking group for the manufacturing level, product quality requirements, destined to more "harsh", strict. New Jiangsu Changrun electrical appliances factory, for example, the introduction of a series of highly sophisticated production equipment, such as Kaiping machine, the most advanced laser cutting machine, CNC turret punch, CNC bending machine, 4 * 4 meters 8 station straight foaming equipment, up to 1.6 meters automatic refrigerator assembly line, and so on. Full introduction of automatic production equipment, both greatly reduce the labor cost, improve production efficiency, more product quality to provide maximum protection.

Aiming at the growth space for refrigerator market

  By the end of March this year gradually released annual report, 3 white power giant revenue decline, home appliance industry "chill" no need to go into details. The new market norm and the resulting industry reshuffle, resulting in the majority of enterprises retreated to the front in order to survive as the first (of course for these enterprises is a smart move, and Guangdong weking group relying on years of accumulated solid strength, see is more cross industry operation, ahead of the layout of the opportunity.

A workshop neatly stacked freezer products


  Worth mentioning is, the Weiwang group's Jiangsu Changrun electrical appliances, from the refrigerator category again cut white electric industry marketing strategy, also has a full market logic. Industrial monitoring data show that the 2015 freezer industry 2026 million units, an increase of 6.2%; sales 2018 million units, an increase of 5.4%; domestic 936 million units, year-on-year growth of 9.9%; export 1082 million units, an increase of 1.7%. Compared to the traditional air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, freezer market especially health, medical, cold chain commercial refrigerator field, due to the community fresh layout and fresh business supporting the development, convenience stores and other high growth favorable factors, the future market space is like.

  In fact, since December last year, the refrigerator industry of foreign brands, domestic leading have force freezer equipment,, providing commercial cold chain as a whole solving scheme of the news of the. Obviously, weking group with independent production mode, big force refrigerator market, seemingly risky, but long-term vision.

  As China Household Electrical Appliances Association Chairman Feng said, household electrical appliance industry has occurred profound changes, trends in the upgrading of the structure significantly, personalized, differentiated demand rise only innovation driven transformation and upgrading, in order to meet the changing demands of the market. To enter the refrigerator market, boutique manufacturing is weking group transformation in the new normal road.


First two new line channels integration development

  "High starting point, high standard, high efficiency, high-speed rail to the market." Investment conference, faced with from all over the country more than 600 dealers, Jiangsu Changrun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Sales Department Hu Yuqing. In order to describe Weiwang, Zhongwei freezer product promotion rhythm. In its view, although the refrigerator industry is still brand new cutting-edge, but based on group abundant strength, Jiangsu Changrun electrical appliance manufacturing level of a high level of automation, Weiwang, Zhongwei freezer product quality were to line par.


The opening of the first series of stained glass panel weking


  It is understood, Jiangsu Changrun electrical first launched Weiwang, Zhongwei freezer products series, including a total of 69 household / commercial freezer, and 6 commercial project cabinet, including the Jiangsu Changrun electrical opened the first of a series of stained glass panels and other key products, the details become Weiwang, Zhongwei freezer is the biggest characteristic. Such as single temperature cabinets 8 cm thick series, box thickness, thickness and weight of the door industry leader. Circular cabinet using pre coated aluminum plate, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. The large volume of island cabinets imported compressor, FCL foam, the first wooden packaging, 5 surface cooling.


The King Island cabinet features


  Channel power with the help of the merchants, and Weiwang small household electrical appliances, kitchen, etc. category, Weiwang, Zhongwei refrigerator marketing channels are expected to enter the rapid growth path. In addition, weking refrigerator has also been launched Jingdong mall, Tmall home appliances business platform, to expand the new market space.

  Three white power leading to overweight pan kitchen electric industry, to Weiwang as representative of the kitchen electric enterprises in depth involved in white electric, household appliances industry reshuffle, market structure reorganization under, the exit of the part of the enterprise but, stick to the "duty", and Weiwang into freezer market similar to cross industry case will emerge more. (SILL)

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